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About  Myriam

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About Myriam Alvarez

Author of "Flowers in the Dust" and "Worlds Apart"
Myriam Alvarez has worked for more than twenty years as a journalist and foreign correspondent. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she lived in Germany for a number of years before moving to the U.S. in 1996 at the age of 26.
Beginning in 1996 Myriam was a foreign correspondent for the German Press Agency (DPA) at United Nations Headquarters in New York, with a special focus on political, cultural, and human interest stories. In addition to her work for DPA, she produced and hosted an international radio show for the UN, “Women of the World,” focusing on women issues.
Myriam’s first novel, Flowers in the Dust, was self-published in 2014 and has sold over 3,000 copies through her own promotional efforts.


She speaks frequently at book clubs, libraries, and women’s organizations in New York and New Jersey and has a growing social media presence on Twitter (@MyriAlvar) and Facebook (@myriamalvarezwriter).


Flowers in the Dust was ranked third in’s 2014 top-ten list of “New Latino Authors to Watch (and Read).”
The author graduated from the University of Palermo with a degree in communications and later studied international politics and the media at New York University.


Having recently completed Worlds Apart, she is deep into her next novel with another in the planning phase.

Details about both projects are available on request.
Myriam Alvarez lives in New Jersey with her husband and two sons.

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