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Let's Have a Girl Talk!

Not even the low temperatures of February stopped a very engaging group of over twenty women to gather at the Short Stories Bookshop, in Madison, to have a discussion about female friendships.

New York Times science writer Jacqueline Mroz kindly asked me to moderate a discussion on her new book "Girl Talk".

This fascinating account about what it means to have and to lose friends ignited a passionate discussion from the audience, who shared some happy (and not so happy) friendship stories.

From the beginnings of female friendships, to how female monkeys develop friendships and the pain that a friendship break-up means to us, "Girl Talk" is an insightful look at how women connect and relate to one another.

And let's not forget the challenges that this new generation of social-media lovers faces, when making new online friendships. The quantity of friends, does not equal the quality of friends.

A recent study by Harvard University discovered that men live longer, healthier lives when they are married. Women live longer, healthier lives when they have girlfriends.

So, call your girlfriend and tell her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her in your life. Let's have a Girl Talk!


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